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northern lights books


The northern light is a natural phenomenon that is known by a large number of the world population, with various culture and country having different views and beliefs about the aurora (Borealis and Australis). However, base on various understandings, scientific researchers, and cultural beliefs, different books have been published to help you understand more about the northern lights and southern lights. However, you can also do researches on the internet so as to have more knowledge of the aurora. Some of the northern lights books that can give you more insight about the aurora will be discussed in this article.

The northern lights books you can read

Some of the best aurora books northern light lovers and hunters read are:

  1. Northern lights: The Science, Myth, and Wonder of Aurora Borealis.

northern lights the science myth and wonder of aurora borealis.

The book was published in English on November 10, 2001, by Sasquatch books. The authors of the book are Calvin Hall, Daryl Peterson who has been photographing the northern lights since the 1980s and George Bryson. The first two authors (Hall and Peterson) came up with the photography while Bryson came up with the text. You can get the book here. Many of the aurora lovers who read this book always want to rush to Alaska and see the amazing lights.

Similarly, another book about the northern light that is written by same authors is The Northern Lights: Celestial Performances of the Aurora Borealis. Get it here

  1. Auroras: Fire in the sky

auroras fire in the sky

This is another wonderful book that can give you more insight about the aurora lights. Actually, this book was published on October 13, 2011, by Firefly books, and it was written by Dan Bortolotti with the photography and videography by Yuichi Takasaka. As a matter of fact, this book has answers to many questions like:

  • How do scientists study aurora?
  • What causes the different colors of the lights?
  • Why are the lights seen in high latitudes only?
  • Why does aurora cause Havocs such as blackouts?

In addition, you can get the answers by purchasing the book here

  1. Aurora: A Tale of the Northern Lights

aurora a tale of the northern lights

This is an aurora book published basically for someone between the age of 6 and 9. However, it is a book that is very helpful in impacting the knowledge of the aurora into kids. It was published by Alaska Northwest Books on February 1, 2001. The author of this book is Mindy Dwyer. You can get the book for your kids here.

  1. Northern Lights: A Practical Travel Guide (Bradt Travel Guide)

northern lights a practical travel guide bradt travel guide

No doubt, this is one of the northern lights books that gives you information on almost everything about the aurora. It gives you information on what to wear, how to understand northern lights forecasting, the science behind the aurora oval and much more. This book is published by Brady Travel Guide on November 7, 2015. The author of the book is Polly Evans. You can get the book here.

  1. Aurora’s Winter Waltz – Northern Lights Photography

auroras winter waltz northern lights photography

This book is published by Alpenglow photo/ Alaska on the 15th of June 2010. Michael Klensch who is an Alaska photographer is the author of this book and he provides 64 pages of breathtaking aurora images. You can also see how beautiful the aurora lights can be by purchasing this handbook.

Furthermore, some of the other books are;

  • Beneath the Aurora
  • The Northern Lights: The True Story of the Man Who Unlocked the Secrets of the Aurora Borealis
  • The Northern Lights: Secrets of the Aurora Borealis

You can also search for books directly on book depository with this search box:

or search directly on
Book depository have plenty of books about traveling to the north or south countries of the world.

Finally, all the northern lights books mentioned above have been very helpful. You can also purchase any of these books and get yourself a better knowledge of the wonderful sky display phenomenon called the northern lights.


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