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world northern lights


The northern lights which are a natural phenomenon that beautifies the sky and amazes the soul are one of the best attractions that people always wish to see in the world. The world northern lights occur in many parts of the world and of course, are predominantly seen at high latitudes which are the Antarctic and Arctic regions. Most of the northern lights occur in the aurora zone which is typically 3° to 6° wide in latitude and between 10° and 20° from the geomagnetic poles at all local times. This phenomenon can only be seen clearly when the skies are clear when there is no light pollution, and when the nights are dark. They occur in various colors which are blue, green, red, ultraviolet, infrared, pink and yellow.

Knowing all these things mentioned about the northern lights, it is also good to know about the different places where you can see the northern lights in the world.

Countries where you can see the world northern lights

  1. Norway

This Scandinavian country which is encompassed by glacial, mountains and deep coastal fjords is a good place to see the aurora. You can get more information on the northern lights Norway.

  1. Sweden

It is also a Scandinavian country in northern Europe. It borders Finland to the east and Norway to the west. Similarly, you can also have the fun of seeing the northern lights here. Northern lights Sweden

  1. Iceland

This young geological land is a Nordic Island country in the North Atlantic Ocean. You can also enjoy seeing the northern lights Iceland here.

  1. Finland

Finland is a sovereign state in Northern Europe. It has thousands of lakes and islands. It also offers an opportunity for you to see the northern lights in Finland.

  1. Ireland

It is an Island in the North Atlantic where you can get unspoiled natural beauties of the world northern lights.  Check out the northern lights Ireland.

  1. UK

No doubt, the United Kingdom which is also called the Great Britain is also a place that offers the beauty of the northern lights. Check out the northern lights UK for more information.

  1. Scotland

In addition, this northernmost country in the United Kingdom can make you enjoy your holiday because it also offers you the opportunity to see the world northern lights. You can get more information from the northern lights Scotland.

  1. Canada

Furthermore, this second largest country on earth is also one of the best places to view the northern lights. You can know more about this place by reading the northern lights Canada.

  1. USA

Finally, the United States of America is one of the beautiful places in the world where you can enjoy a moment of your life. It is a country that also offers you the chance of seeing the astonishing northern lights USA.       

In conclusion, all the countries above has made it easy for aurora chasers to see the northern lights in the world without too much stress.

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