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northern lights legends


Ever heard of the northern lights legends? Picture yourself standing somewhere cool and cold. Around the north of the Arctic Circle. Where the only noise you hear is the wind gently disturbing the trees around you. You look forward and the only thing you could see is a large area of land covered with snow. Until you could see darkness afar off. Then suddenly lights of different colors begin to emerge in the dark sky. Arranging themselves in different wonderful displays across the northern sky. What will first come to your mind? What will come to the mind of an ancient northern civilization person?

You should know that you are seeing the amazing northern lights. They come to being from the interaction of solar particles and earth magnetic field. It is a natural phenomenon. figuring predominantly in the legends and mythology of a large number of indigenous people staying in places located often further afield or within the Aurora Oval. Many people have been intrigued by the aurora borealis from ancient times. Every legend is how every civilization decided to call the northern lights. Also, what they were dreaming about when they saw it. What are you dreaming about when you saw it?

Some of the aurora borealis legends and myths that surround this phenomenon will be discussed for you to know more about the history of the northern lights.

The northern lights legends

Spirits of the dead

A lot of cultures believed that the aurora light display in the sky is the physical manifestation of those who are dead. Some legends even believe that the aurora is where spirits go to. A lot of Eskimo groups in North America believed that the spirits are playful. Also, energetic and that they are playing soccer games with the skull of walrus. Though some of the Eskimos do not think the lights were spirits but they think they were created and put in the sky by spirits.

The Sami legends always stayed inside when the aurora is shown in the sky. They believe that if you disrespect or mock the lights, the spirits will come down and beat you to death. Also, the Labrador Inuit legend says that the path between heaven and afterlife is accessible by those who died a violent death so the spirits held lanterns for those coming next in other to lead them.

As part of the northern lights legends, the east Greenland Eskimos think that the aurora lights was as a result of the dancing of the children who died at birth. These causes the continually moving draperies and streamers of the aurora. The Kwakiutl and Tlingit of southeastern Alaska and also the Salteaus Indians of eastern Canada believed the aurora to be dancing human spirit. The Eskimos who were located on the lower Yukon River also believed that it was the spirit of animals such as salmon, deer, beluga, and seals dancing.

Omen of war and Evil thing

The Fox Indians located in Wisconsin believed the aurora lights to be an omen of pestilence and war. They believed that it was the ghost of their slain enemies. That they are restless for revenge and were trying to rise up again. Also, the point barrow Eskimos considered the light to be an evil event. So in the ancient days they took knives around to keep the evil away from them and they were the only one with this believes.

Stew pots and fires in the north

These are also one of the northern lights legends you should know. The Mandan of North Dakota said the aurora lights are fires over which the warriors and medicine men of the northern nations cooked or boiled their enemies that are dead in big pots. The lights are regarded as touches by Menominee Indians of Wisconsin. They believed they are used by great, friendly giants that are in the north at night to spear fish. The Makah Indians from the state of Washington considered the lights to be a fire in the far north over which a dwarfs tribe paddle a canoe and so strong that they caught Wales with their hands.

Gods and demons

The earth and Asgard, the home of the gods were connected by a very big bridge in Norse mythology. They believe the bridge was inspired possibly by the northern lights. Some Norse northern lights legends believe that the lights are reflections of armor and weapons of gods going to battle.  Also, the Inuit people located near the Hudson Bay in northeastern Canada considered the band of lights as lanterns been carried by demons.

Reminder of the creator

An Algonquin myth tells that large fires were built by Nanahbozho. The creator of the earth when he traveled to the north. They believed the northern lights are the reflections of the fires to remind his people that he still thinks of them.

These are some out of many northern lights legends available in the world. You can get more information at the aurora zone website to have a broad and more knowledge of the aurora legends.             

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